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Positive Nihilism Song

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I don't know everything about it
I don't wanna hear every detail
I don't need to climb high and shout it
Doing just fine keeping to myself

I'll go slow, all alone, I think
Falling into love ain't in the cards for me
I'll live a life of my work and maybe
Leave something behind that'll help someone

I don't wish harm on anybody
Except sometimes myself in my bed
One day I will inherit soil
I don't believe in an afterlife

I don't live the way I'm supposed to
I don't even know what that means
I'm a failure by lots of standards
Except for mine, I'm a mean machine


I like some people more than others
It's a claw that I can't get rid of
I like you the way I like music
You don't get to choose, you just get to feel

I keep thinking and it's the worst thing
I wish I could just stare at nothing
I'm a dropkick inside my own mouth
Made up my mind, guess I'll stick around