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Lord's Day Blues

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Ray Flanagan - vocals and guitar

Recorded and mixed by Jim Stewart at Jim Stewart Recording
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio


I don't wanna leave
I already know
I don't wanna dream
Of heaven anymore

It keeps coming through the shades
I'm trying to keep it out
It just wants to stay
But I don't have a doubt

It's coming on anyway
But I can do this
I sure can

The longest day of my
whole entire life
Was standing at the gate
Staring at the light
Waiting at the gate
Trying to say goodnight

Dead in the water, I feel
By fault of the alter we kneel
But you're more

Stumbled upon a bell to ring
It could've been the eyes
Could've been the king
Could've been disguised as some other thing

Coming on anyway
Coming on anyway
We will get there
We sure will

I know where it is
I've been knocking on your door
I'm not gonna dream of heaven anymore
I cannot relax
I told you before
I'm not gonna dream of heaven anymore
I'm not gonna dream, but I'll show you what it's for

And we can go there
Hand in hand